Monday, 2 April 2012

Black Coffee SS & AW 2012

Last week after a month of planning and a few days before the final press kit was meant to go to print as well as a week before the Fashion Show I shot Black Coffee's new catalogue and press material, we managed to pull off 40 shots in one day a new feat for me. With a mixture of Zylight LED lighting and flash we managed to achieve the desired results.

Please read more about the campaign on the Team Uncool Fashion Blog.

Model - Esmarie from Ice Johannesburg
Make up - Liz van der Merwe

Hair - Candice Wyatt 

CT 2012

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Unknown said...

The look books were great! I thought you guys had pulled it together pretty fast considering the shoot was on Monday and the show was on Friday!

Black Coffee's stuff was fantastic this year...