Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Paris & The Giant Impossible Project Camera

So finally, I've decided to start blogging images from my recent trip to Europe. I ran away for the month of February to visit the old world once more, visiting friends and meeting amazing new people. Through that process I documented and shot portraits of the people I met and spent time with.

One of my most enjoyable experiences was shooting on The Impossible Projects 20 x 24 super large format 'Polaroid' Camera. Yes, you heard right, a 24 x 20 Polaroid. It was quiet an experience. Thanks to Alexandra Senes who I had the pleasure of meeting in South Africa a few months back I got the to connect with the Impossible Works, the company which operates the large format camera. The Impossible works are a Paris based company which build their collection of images by collaborating with Photographers around the world by getting them to shoot different subjects on the Large format camera, in this way building their collection.

Below are the images from the portrait set up at Alexandra's event at the 'Ecole De La Chambre Syndicale  de la couture parisienne', I have also included a portrait of Alexandra into the mix.

Thanks again to Alexandra Senes and Valerie Hersleven (The Impossible Works) for this amazing experience and the impending results. Please see more info on the Impossible Works on their website -


kawaïi Junko - Japanese Journalist

Susie Bubble,  Fashion Blogger -

Paolo Calia - Decorator & Parisian Socialite 

Beatrice Ardisson - DJ / Musician (wife of famous TV personality Thierry Ardisson) & daughter Ninon Ardisson - Young fashion designer studying at Central St. Martins in London. 

Electric Guest - Band from the USA

Marko Matysik - Stylist, Writer and editor of Vogue International

Baptiste Roger Lacan & Liora Jaccottet - Students

Alexandra Senes -

Marko Matysik with his image. 

Self Portrait.

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