Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Team Uncool & Decontruction in One Small Seed Magazine.

Team Uncool and I recently worked with Deconstruction TV to produce our newest shoot. Deconstruction are a free thinking and multidimensional company working in the spheres of music, television and general creative thinking. Malcom Che' and Adrian Foreo are the masterminds behind the conceptual company and after coming to Team Uncool to produce something for them, this is what we did.

The shoot can also be seen in the December One Small Seed magazine.


Thursday, 4 December 2008

Behind the mask

While watching Blue Velvet, a movie directed by David Lynch I thought of a shot that I had taken for the new SL 'sex issue' out now. Its a photo of my girlfriend Elza Novak wearing a mask to symbolise the moment of orgasm during intercourse and the look that would be on your face. What I liked about Lynch's representation of what happens behind closed doors in the USA is that everyone had the most beautifully bizarre facades, but behind them where intricate and interesting stories.

To me when asked to portray the face while orgasmic through imagery, I decided I'd rather give it a more disclosed and dignified portrayal. The image below was what I came up with.


Monday, 1 December 2008

Fight, Fight, Fight!

Recently I went out with Christopher Wagner and Sylvia Mckeown, two regulars of the Johannesburg Asian glam pop fashion crowd. We set up a fake fashion fight in the middle of newtown. The shots where great fun to shoot and Niqui da Silva from Glamour mechanics did some beautifully gruesome special effects make up for us.

It was originally shot for my Virgin Mobile fashion blog but now resides on my blog.