Sunday, 14 March 2010

Carnivale Chaos in Venice

I found this image rather appealing and still cant explain why. It could be the super gay blue chicken crest on the outfit. It could also possibly be the fact that he looks as if he was coaxed into getting into this garb.

Either way my memory is good of the Carnivale and this character sticks out among the many fancy stiffs I saw walking around.

Anyway, Back to the real work.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Benetton MyTime Casting, Johannesburg

I recently travelled back to Johannesburg to shoot the Benetton MyTime street casting. Everything went sportingly well and here is a taste of the madness which ensued.

I have also included a video which I made during the shoot and casting process edited here at Fabrica.


Ct 2010

Backstage at Benetton MyTime casting, Johannesburg from Chris Saunders on Vimeo.

Francesco Novara, Musical Genius

While at Fabrica, I've got to meet some super interesting people and I have tried to document them. Treviso is a quiet town at night with very little happening in the streets, no crime, no traffic, no chaos.

We decided to go into the streets and have some fun one night and do a little promo shoot for Francesco who is a music producer here at Fabrica.

Remember its the middle of winter here and he is wearing a T and jumping into water, madness!

Ct 2010

Benetton MyTime Casting, Venice

A couple of weeks ago I shot a street casting in Venice for Benetton's MyTime campaign. We hit the streets of Venice for 3 days and I have selected my favorites from the shoot.

Have a look.

Ct 2010