Thursday, 4 February 2016

Pantsula - NY Times - First Release

'Ezomdabu a Pantsula crew from Vosloorus, posing in their signature way on a wall' 2014
For the past 6 years I have spent envy spare moment documenting a culture I think deserves to be in the limelight. Pantsula is a way of life epitomised through an incredible fast paced dance which tells stories about the life in the townships of Johannesburg. Most people that grew up in Johannesburg know about it or have seen or experienced some form of the dance. Its something intrinsically linked to a place which is my home intrinsically linked to its history and adapting to continue to exist into the future. 

After six years of working on a in depth documentation of the culture the first preview of the upcoming larger body of work has been released by the NY Times Lens blog and Art Section, below is an extract from the article on Lens, to see the rest follow the link here:

CT 2016 

Tebza 2000 part of my dance moves video series where I shoot video footage of a specific dance move and then break it down into a still contact sheet. 

1. 325 Pantsula, Orange Farm                                       2. A Second generation Pantsula, via Broom. 

Rosary Productions from Dukathole pose above outdoor toilets to children.

            1. Lee from Intellectuals Pantsula, Soweto                                      2. Dlala Mapantsula - Mohlakeng 

Born In Africa Pantsula - Khatlehong 

A shadow of The Future Pantsula crew posing at an old hall in Mohlakeng Township outside of Johannesburg. 
Rea Iktetsa Pantsula posing in Soweto.

Simunye On Fire, in a signature pose as a train passes by in the background. 

Vila Coster Pantsula dancing in one of the members front Garden.