Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Virgin Mobile Fashion Blog

Something I've been waiting to tell everyone on my mailing list about is a project I've been working on for Virgin Mobile. They appointed me the Virgin Mobile Fashion blogger. For the last 3 months Murray Turpin and I have been working on the project and Below are some of the shots from numerous shoot which are up on the Virgin Mobile Fashion Blog site.

To Check out the blog go to

The Smarteez on the VPOP shoot

Danni Diana getting dirty in VPOP shoot.

Xander Ferreira AKA Gazelle in Joubert Park.

Sibo from the Smarteez in Soweto Smarteez shoot.

Pink ant from Cape Town.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Art, portraiture & some fashion


Recently I got the opportunity to shoot some great new work and up and till now I haven't been able to release any of it. One of the projects Im super proud of is the portrait project with Kudzi Chiurai, a well known Fine Artist who recently launched his latest solo show Yellow Line. I shot the front cover of his catalogue as well as two portraits which where hung at his exhibition.

A shoot that I did for my virgin mobile fashion blog was also featured in the catalogue with a bunch of young fashion designers from Soweto called the Smarteez. I have included both sets of images in this update.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Standard Bank - Chip & Pin

I recently shot the new Standard Bank Chip & Pin ad campaign which is out all over the place at present. Thought I'd put it up on the blog and send them out, letting you see some of my more commercial work. The project was a great success and good fun to shoot. I got to shoot inside Thrupps in Illovo for the first shot before opening time and it was cool to see the inner workings of a big chain store.