Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Night of 1000 drawings

Above: Last years Paballo (Night of 1000 drawings) book. Which had numerous of my images in it.

above: the second of a line of people that represent the different aspects of paballo.
David Chong (soup driver volunteer guy),
zodwa( medical student, helps with distrubuting basic medical care and medicine every wednesday)
ndai |(director of paballo)
paul a homeless person from zimbabwe that used to stay on plein st.. but now behind the taxi rank by the nelson mandela bridge.

Night of 1000 drawings is an exhibition for charity organisation paballo, which happens once a year. This is the second year of the exhibition and we are hoping for it to be a great success. They are struggling for funding and they need as many people as possible to get together and help find it.

David Chong runs up the project and if you can help in anyway, including using your skills. Please email him on Also visit their blog at

I will be doing a new documentary shoot with them tonight and it will be up on the blog soon.

Chris S 2007

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Have City Will Play

Shot after the Kin:be:Jozi (Anthea Moys) 'Have City Will Play' event in Newtown last weekend. The shot is of Nina Barnett dressed in Santa Clause outfit that looks like it should be on the grim reaper. Find it quiet ironic. I also think its gonna make an awesome stencil. The Second shot is of Anthea Moys after event, doing her jumping umbrella trick. The event was a great success and I have added a link on the right to kin:be:jozi so everyone can keep up to date with what they;re doing.

Another shot done at the Have City Will Play event hosted by Anthea Moys in Newtown. This was one of the games in the race where by people had to sing into cups with strings and take instructions from the person on the other end on what to do. This whole event was great fun and extremely well organised.

CTS 2007