Friday, 3 February 2012


Late last year Chipo from Styling Concepts a fashion PR company in Johannesburg approached me to conceptualise and work on a photoshoot and fashion film for Superemebeing a UK label launching in South Africa. We had previous success and broken the ice with my Religion series for them but this time wanted to work with a much more street look which I am much more natural at.

While on the shoot I was also working Rod Stanley from Dazed & Confused on a new short film for Dazed TV called Joburg Party so he joined us on the shoot and we managed to fit some of the characters in the film into it too.

We took some of my favorite people from Joburg and shot them on the streets of Joubert park the center of the Johannesburg CBD. On the shoot was MJ Turpin (fine artist, musician), Jamal Nxedlana (fine artist, writer), Bhubessi / Khaya Sibiya (musician, stylist), Eda Rose (radio presenter, musician), Dirty Paraffin (musicians) and Hayley Junkin / Chinxxx (illustrator).

CT 2012

Thursday, 2 February 2012

L'Officiel (Paris) features the Smarteez

Another post that I have been anticipating to release is that some of the more recent Smarteez work has been published in the french fashion magazine L'Officiel! I got to meet writer Alexandra Senes in Johannesburg late last year and she showed some interest, much to my suprise she decided to a fill spread on the Smarteez using my images. If your in France, get a copy.

CTS 2012

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

SABC 1 - Entertainment Campaign.

Finally its time to put up some of the bigger projects from last year. I have been waiting for them to go live for ages now and have finally been given the 'authority' to release this work. One of the great advertising projects I shot last year was the new SABC 1 - Entertainment campaign. I was commissioned by Masters & Savant Johannesburg and the job was an array of different shows, namely Seskhona, Selimathunzi, Club Culture, Turn it out (Where is shot some of the dancers from my S'Phara Phara exhibition) and the Real Gaboza.