Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rolling Stone Magazine - Spoek Mathambo

I have been waiting to release this for months. My first cover of Rolling Stone magazine South Africa featuring Spoek Mathambo. The shoot was a collaboration between myself and The Smarteez. The Smarteez styled the shoot and we shot on location in Soweto.

' Songwriter? Surely in an era where God is a DJ once again (take a bow, Guetta) and the producer his son (stand up Skrillex), "songwriter" might seem like an old-fashioned, even anachronistic title to aspire to? Not for a sonic architect and rhythm scientist like Spoek, for whom songwriting remains the Holy Ghost, the key to resurrecting the poetics of the archive. A space where the sound, rhythm and temporality of digital "storage space" can be reworked until it yields dimensions of intimacy, beauty, even reality. For Spoek travelling the spaceways isnʼt some nostalgic impulse. Itʼs a presence. ' Miles Keylock - Rolling Stone Magazine Editor

Photography - Chris Saunders
Styling - The Smarteez
Photographic Assistant - MJ Turpin
Rolling Stone Story Written & Edited By - Miles Keylock
Rolling Stone Creative Director - Georgia Gardner

CT 2012

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bongani madondo said...

Killah cover.Reminds me of my friend and fellow aesthete Andrew Dosunmu's black-aesthetical polychromatic love making through a prism of a frame. Chris Saunders+The Smarteez+ Spoek Mathambo = a 22nd century supafly-ass atomic time bomb. Boaaaar!!!!

-bongani madondo