Monday, June 29, 2015

Huck Magazine - Smarteez

Huck Magazine asked me to submit a pick of the Smarteez for their 50th issue. Floyd Manotauna is part of the iconic Soweto based collective. I had a fresh shot for the story too, Floyd was one of the featured collaborators in the NOT X CS exhibition which recently showed at Wallplay New York and The MOAD in Johannesburg. 

Check out the article above. 

CT 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Med-Lemon TVC

Finally another TVC to add to the collection. What an experience it was making this one. Compositing, shooting in layers and comedy! It was a great experience and again thank you Ola Films for producing this little gem. 

Directed by. Chris Saunders
Produced by. Ola Films 
Agency. 140BBDO 
Agency Creative Director. Johan Schwella 
Art Director. Derek Poole

Producer. Olivia Leitch 
1st AD. Steph Switala 
Director Of Photography. Willie Nel 
Art Director. Kezia Eales 
Wrdrobe Stylist. Rozanne Whyte 
Make-Up & Hair. Queen Motlatle 
Airbrush Body Painter. Charl Bubb 
Offline Editor. Kayleigh Kinnear (OBPP)

CT 2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Loyiso Gola

I Received a call from the very busy and extremely successful comedian Loyiso Gola not so long ago and a few days later we where in the studio to shoot his new PR. It was a great shoot and with the help of a couple of props, some custom made suits and one of South Africa's most expressive faces we produced some great shots.

CT 2015

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Interview with me on CCTV

The NOT X Chris Saunders exhibition has been featured on CCTV during a bigger news piece on the Museum Of African Design which hosted the show.

CT 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yahoo Style / SAFW 2015

Tasked by US based Yahoo style, I hit the streets during SA Fashion Week looking for people with unique stories and amazing looks. Johannesburg is always a challenge and I ended up grabbing people after the shows and arranging with them on the following days to shoot them with better light and more unique settings (SAFW is held in a hotel which can a little monotonous). I also wanted to include some of JHB's style legends that I hadn't shot before. 

Image above: 
Khaya Sithole 
A young fashion designer and blogger specialising in bespoke formal wear. (

Albert & Dean from Simon & Mary Hats 
Dean owns Johannesburg oldest hat manufacture. his family has been in the business for four generations and he has recently launched Simon & Mary hats. The hats are hand made with impeccable quality. Albert is their oldest worker and is always dressed impeccably. I shot a quick snap at their factory. (
The Artlifers Crew 
A young like minded crew of indivduals giving each other a leg up in the creative industry. They met at university and now stick together, keeping their creative ambitions and those of other young people that approach them alive. (

Sifiso Deepancestral Gcabashe 
One of the members of the Artlifers crew shot in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. 
The You in Me Collective 
Pretoria Based Vintage clothing collective, You In Me. (Also brother and sister) (
Jamal Nxdlana & Yasmin Furmie 
Fashion Design for Missshape and muse, Yasmin. (
Timeless Collective 
A vintage clothing collective based in Johannesburg 
One of the two members of the timeless Vintage Clothing Collective collective (

Mapusha Moss 
Part of the vintage fashion collective, Timeless (
Ben Richard & Nikki Zakkas
Shot on the streets of Braamfontein, Johannesburg 
A Model Backstage at the Black Coffee Fashion Show
Tumi & Itumaleng Nko 
Twin Sisters shot in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. (

Nicky Madie
Young fashion designer from a small town outside of Johannesburg called Clerksdorp, currently interning for well known South African fashion designer Tula Sindi. (

Nicky Madie
Young fashion designer from a small town outside of Johannesburg called Clerksdorp, currently interning for well known South African fashion designer Tula Sindi. (

Nicky Madie
Young fashion designer from a small town outside of Johannesburg called Clerksdorp, currently interning for well known South African fashion designer Tula Sindi. Holding a packet that says Meat & Chicken, Jesus Loves you and wearing a classic Chinese hat his signature. (

Mpura Stuurman 
Blogger and vintage fashion specialist (

Jordan Major
Blogger and student Jordan Major shot in Rosebank, Johannesburg during SA Fashion Week. 

Khaya Nsibande
A young stylish guy spotted on the streets of Braamfontein, he is wearing a classic Safari hat, which is synonymous with colonialism. 
Mahlatse James 
Siya Fonds 
Johannesburg based Stylist. (

Spleef Mczaul 
Musician and fashion designer. 
Trevor Stuurman
Well known personality, photographer and blogger Trevor Stuurman. 

Mpumelelo Frypan Mfula 
One of the members of the Artlifers crew (

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Soweto Home

Busy Recce'ing for a TV shoot coming up and came across this very colourful Soweto home. I think its a portrait of a colourful cliche. 

CT 2015 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ballantines Angola TVC

Last year I was commissioned by M&C Saatchi London to direct a TV commercial for Ballantines whisky in Angola. We ended up with a piece shot in downtown Johannesburg, re-creating what I thought was a mad party on the streets on Luanda. It was windy and cold, but pulled of a sweaty, smoky and vibey 30 / 60 / 90 second TVC. 

Here is the 30 Second version, I think its the most to the point out of all three. 


Director. Chris Saunders
Executive Producer. Olivia Leitch
Producer. Caroline Crowther
Assistant Director. Lali Avis
Art Director. Lisa Perry
Wardrobe. Francois Ferreira
Cinematographer. Michael Swan
Produced by Ola Films 2015.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whippet x Thesis - Commuter Range

Maboneng based bike shop Whippet Cycles and well known Soweto based street wear label Thesis have teamed up to create their own new range of clothes for the Johannesburg commuter. They hired me to shoot a series on the new wears around the city with some of there friends on bikes. We rode the circumference of the city, hitting the gaping hole where the iconic Top Star drive-in used to be as well as the Faraday Taxi Rank and 1 Fox, then we headed back to the Maboneng precinct to the Whippet store where everyone knocked a few back.

CT 2015 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Je suis Charlie : Attending a Demonstration for Democracy

On the evening of the 7th January 2015, a few hours after the terrorist attack against the newspaper Charlie Hebdo that resulted in the death of 12 people including some of the most renowned French writers and cartoonists, thousands of citizens decided to gather at Place de la Republique, in Paris.
People came here to defend the Res-Publica, the “public thing”, and its core values, including the Liberte d’expression, a constitutional principle of the French Republic, threatened by the terrorist attacks that took place the same morning.
Je suis Charlie : Standing united to defend the “Res-Publica”. Within a few hours, the Place de la Republique in Paris became a gigantic “agora” welcoming thousands of citizens. “We are unity”, claims one board. Under the federating slogan “Je suis Charlie”, people stand united in pain, shock, and anger.
The growing flow of people quickly forms a large mass taking over the pavements and the roads of the whole area, slowly gravitating towards the centre of the square. Some people climbed up around the light poles or onto the roofs of bus stops, from where they can get a unique view over a united group gathering around the central statue called “The Triumph of the Republic”. All are looking in the direction of the bronze statue of Marianne, symbolising the French national values of Liberty, Egality, Fraternity. The massive crowd appears calm, quiet, in pain, staring at the few people who managed to climb on the monument, waving posters and chanting slogans.
Right of Response. The people that are here tonight are not passive spectators. They are, by their mere physical presence, active citizens defending the core democratic principles. People from all ages, gender and backgrounds braved the cold and the strengthened security measures on this January evening to stand united against violence, share their pain, reflect collectively on the most deadly attack that took place in 50 years in France. The tragedy that took place in the morning is not only a terrible human loss but also a direct attack to the essential value of Liberty of Expression.

A few people wave the French Flag. On one of them, “Je suis Charlie” words stand on the middle of the Tricolour. A few meters from it, a poster reads “Charlie Akbar”. The crowd use words - on posters, slogans, songs and discussions - as their main weapon against those who claimed to have  “Killed Charlie Hebdo” the same morning. People here tonight are defending the liberty of speech and of press by standing united and using the power of words in this cathartic moment. “Ink must flow - not blood”.

Some of the people at Place de la Republique stare at the bronze Marianne as if trying to find guidance (strikingly reminding the “Liberty guiding people” by Eugene Delacroix), while other engage in conversations as attempts to find a meaning, an explanation through reflecting on the tragedy.
Sometimes a louder voice emerges from the crowd, chanting repeated words : “Nous sommes Charlie”, “We are Charlie”. Soon, other voices join, and then hundreds of them. “Liberte - d’expression !”, “Liberte - d’expression !”,  “Liberte - d’expression !”. At one point, someone tries to sing the French national anthem, La Marseillaise. His attempt is immediately shut down by hundreds of booing voices. Democracy wins over nationalism tonight.
Enlightenment. Small candles are held by some people in the crowd, as well as by the Statues of the “Triumph of the Republic” monument, shedding new light on its artistic allegories. Some of the candles are also used to light paper lanterns that poetically fly into the sky.
Suddenly, the crowd holds its breath : one of the sky lanterns dangerously flies towards the central bronze statue, as if the fire was inevitably going to hit Marianne. At the last minute, the flying lantern miraculously manages to avoid the monument, rises above the crown of invincibility and continues its flight into the sky. People laugh, cheer and clap - as if this could only be a positive sign for the future, a premonition that the fight over obscurantism will be successful.  The crowd continues staring at the star-like lanterns for a while - before bringing back their attention to Marianne and her bronze star, a French revolutionary symbol known to represent “intelligence”.

Works by ...
Images By Chris Saunders