Sunday, November 8, 2015

OKZHARP - Album Artwork

Images shot during the filming of the OKZHARP - Dear Ribane music video which have been used for the Hyperdub - Dumela 113 EP release artwork. 

The Artwork was designed by Optigram. 
Photographs by Chris Saunders 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

OKZHARP - Dear Ribane feat. Manthe Ribane Music Video (HYPERDUB)

Its been months in the pipeline and we can finally start talking about the new OKZHARP - Dear Ribane music video released  by Hyperdub Records. The track is the debut vocal performance for Manthe Ribane who is well known for her incredible dance performances along side Die Antwoord and VINTAGE Dance crew in the past. She has also been gaining fame in the art world in South Africa with her family collective and home studio Dear Ribane 113. It was a pleasure to be part of a great team once again, with Deon van Zyl behind the lens and later editing.

This is an ongoing artistic collaboration between myself and OKZHARP and adds another new piece of work with Manthe who is an ongoing inspiration and artistic collaborator (NOTXCS). This video takes you in to a pure performance realm, links to our full length video artwork Ghost Diamond but focusses on the artist Manthe and her incredible words, relevant dance moves and symbolic outfits. 

The video is out today on Hyperdub Records. 

Directed by Chris Saunders
Edited by Deon van Zyl 
Cinematography Deon van Zyl 
Styling and Make-up Manthe Ribane 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Destiny Man - Denim Editorial

For the new Denim Editorial for Destiny Man magazine we decided to feature the clothing on the workers of the cult hat brand Simon & Mary. Iconifying real men in denim, made famous for its practicality and strength in the work place. All this combined with the classic hat designs of the Simon & Mary brand. 

The 100 year old factory, still owned by the Pozniac family and in its original location in Germiston Johannesburg. The factory runs off a coal furnace which powers the steam driven plant which they use to mould the felt the hats are made from. 

The subjects in the images all kept the denim they where dressed after the shoot as a thank you. 

CT 2015 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Social Market PTA & Nataal Media Launch

With the launch of the new website Nataal, I headed out to document the overwhelming fashion spectacle at The Social Market PTA. The market started by Fashion Rebels leader Maitele Wawe, a fashion designer and entrepeneur. 

The market happens on the first of every month in Pretoria. Its a great place to thrift, meet other like minded people and enjoy the fashion spectacles on display as well as some good music. 

See the new Nataal website at 

CT 2015

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Smile for SHOUT SA - Music Video

The Smile for Shout SA music video is my newest music video for the now iconic charity organisation SHOUT South Africa, this is their third instalment and I had some big shoes to walk in. Commissioned by agency Network BBDO to direct the music video to help raise funds to build libraries in schools around South Africa, I had to come up with an idea which showed the many well known faces from around the country in a fun relatable way. I wanted to try get people to smile, get South African celebrities and musicians out of their shells and let them show  how much through the action in camera they where willing to break away from their normal personas and let their hair down to get the public to smile with them. Hopefully getting more people to buy the track and contribute to the incredible charity behind it. 

With an incredibly dedicated, efficient and proficient production team from Ola Films, a passionate client (Danny K and Kabelo) and an incredible agency Network BBDO we pulled of an great video. Wrangling tons of celebrities and musicians into a three day shoot had many complications and if it wasn't for such a dedicated team almost impossible. Well done and Thank you to my  dedicated team! 

If you would like to hear more about the charity and the video please head over to Shout SA's website at 

Below is a full list of credits and a little info about the video: 

2015 see's SHOUT return with it's third track, titled "Smile". It has again brought together some of South Africa's biggest and most relevant musicians and celebrities, who are collaborating for a safer South Africa. This year's song has been produced by Danny K, along with Mi casa, and is set to be SHOUT's biggest song yet. All funds raised from the sale of the new song will go towards the building of SHOUT libraries.

Following the recording of "Smile", a host of celebrities gathered in Doornfontein, Johannesburg to play their part in the accompanying music video shot by Ola! Films. Look out for big names like Johnny Clegg, Cassper Nyovest, KO, Hugh Makelam, Prime Circle, Beatenberg and Lira making you smile with their dance moves in the music video.

Special Thanks to the guys from SHOUT, Kabelo Mabalane, Danny K and Gavin Koppel 

Directed by. Chris Saunders
Executive Producer. Olivia Leitch (Ola Films) 
Agency Producer. Lee-Anne Jacobs (140BBDO)
Producer: Leanne Sanders (Ola Films) 
Production Manager: Lebo Mbuela 
2nd Unit Director: Mfundo Mkhize (Ola Films) 
Animation Director: Justine Calverly

Cinematographer / Director Of Photography: Devin Toselli 
First AD: Amy Allais (Ola FIlms) 
Second AD: Murray Macdonald (Ola FIlms) 
Editor: Kayleigh Kinnear (OBPP) 
Art Director: Keenan McAdam
Wardrobe Stylist: Candice Moore (Lampost) 
Prop Master: Shaun McAdam

Dancers: VINTAGE Dance Crew 

Agency (Network BBDO)
Group Creative Officer: Mike Shalit 
Executive Creative Director: Brad Reilly 
Art Director: Steven Tyler 
Copywriter: Kyle Jacobson 
Chief Operations Officer: Clinton Mitri

Kurt Darren

Kabelo Mabalane

Zolani Mahola from Freshly Ground

Elvis Blue dressed as Elvis

Derek Watts from Carte Blanch doing some interesting moves

The Arrows 

Khaya Mthetwa 

My nephews playing Beatenberg

The Soil

Charlize Berg with a barbie doll dress

Gangs of Ballet showing us how to preach 

Prime Circle, not their first Rodeo.

Danny K, one of the bosses! 

Lloyd Cele

Micasa, who wrote the new Shout song

Zion from Liquid Deep and Tamara Dey



Kuli Chana



Casper De Vries playing Casper Nyovest

Myself and the team from Network BBDO


All images copyright of Chris Saunders 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ghost Diamond - London Poster

It's been two years since the inception of my collaborative film / music project with OKZHARP (UK). Finally we will be having the first preview of the 6 part video and a special preview of the new Hyperdub released single 'Dear Ribane.'

The project has taken us from the original filming process in Johannesburg, to editing remotely from Cape Town and Detroit, to Sound Production and final design in London. A two year passion project finally coming to fruition!

The first viewing of the video will be at the Deptford Cinema in London at a invite only event. The project will then be heading to Johannesburg next for a viewing on 19th of September at Bioscope in the Maboneng Prencinct. 

The film was made over the last 2 years and supported by the SA-UK Seasons 2014 & 2015, a partnership between the SA Department of Arts and Culture and the British Council.

Credits for the video:

CHRIS SAUNDERS - Director/Producer -
DEON VAN ZYL - Director of Photography and Editor -
OPTIGRAM - Graphics and Animation -
MANTHE RIBANE - Choreography -
ZAKI IBRAHIM - Hair, Makeup, Production Design -
JAMAL NXEDLANA - Styling and Wardrobe -

Sunday, July 5, 2015

NOT / Dear Ribane / JHB

While in Johannesburg for our NOT X CS exhibition at the MOAD. We took one Jenny's new custom made performance outfits and decided to photograph it on Manthe Ribane and her clan of siblings. We shot the images at place close to Manthe's hear called the Sparrow Village Orphanage in Roodepoort just outside the city. Manthe has been working to create awareness for this incredible NGO known for its dome shaped structures. 

CT 2015