Sunday, 25 November 2007

Black Coffee win the South African Fashion awards

Yesterday Black Coffee was shocked to win the True Love South African fashion awards at Park Station. This is the highest acclaim in the Fashion Industry. I have posted some backstage photography that I did at the rehearsal the day before the awards. C

Alexandra Township

On Saturday the 24th of November I went to take some images in Alexandra Township. I was taken to specific places of historical and current value. I was shooting for the title sequence of a new documentary pilot which has been shot in Alex called Alex Tonship. It was an enlightening experience and opened my eyes to the fact that Alex is so close to other areas in a total different reality. It is also a over populated area in need of desperate development.

A Soccer game outside the mens hostels in Alex.

Kids playing cricket

Revlon towels hanging in block of flats in Alex.

A house and bussines in Alex, there are no walls around properties in the townships center.

Another shot of the inside of someones property in Alex.

Chickens and dogs are a huge part of the community in Alex and in general in South African township society, you find them everywhere.

A portrait of an old man who was born and bred in Alexandra Township.

3 regular sites in Alex, a hearse, a women selling mealies and a general dealer.

The back stoep of an original house in the Alex community. The people in Alex say that the new RDP houses are very poorly constructed and the old Apartheid ones are much stronger.

The original movie cinema in Alex that played cry of a beloved country and was bombed shortly after. The original owner Mr. Mohammed stills owns the cinema and rebuilt it with his family.

The orginal projectionist who still runs the cinema, he has worked all around the world and is one of the best at what he does.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Night of 1000 Drawings Images (2007)

I thought I'd put the images that I hung and shot for the Night Of 1000 Drawings exhibition this year. The first shot is of a man called Connie that lives in downtown Johannesburg with about 50 other people in an abandoned mechanics shop, he is sitting on his make shift bed. The second is of a anonymous man that I met who Paballo helped when he fell in a fire and burnt himself really badly, he is sitting on the pavement near where he sleeps. The third is of man named John who lives in the inner city, he is an elderly man that Dave knows very well and has built up a relationship with for many years.

The exhibition was a great success and I enjoyed the event immensely.


Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Shots Magazine (UK)

I recently shot 2 shoots for the UK based Shots magazine. It is a magazine mainly targeted at the commercials industry. I did one shoot with a director from Velocity films called Jeana Theron, she was also a Cover Option for the magazine. The Other shoot was with Paul Warner, the Creative Director from Metropolitan Republic. Both Shoots where super fun and it was great getting to shoot in the middle of Hillbrow for Jeana's shoot and to orchestrate grannies for Pauls.

I have taken Jeana's shots off the page for now, they will be put back on shortly after publication.

Check out Shots at


Monday, 19 November 2007

The Sovereign Academy

The Sovereign Academy are known for their awesome parties, the last one been the amazing Halloween party at the Gem Theater in Troyeville. They are playing at Woodstock 9 and needed some photos to accompany their profiles for the event. Below are Three of the guys in the group.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Absolute Pornography

Well this is definitely not the normal way people would interpret this idea. GQ asked a whole bunch of photographers to submit photographs for a Absolute Vodka calender. My photo was an idea inspired by Arthur Malan, the fashion editor. It is Pornography concealed through an absolute vodka bottle.

I have put some of the individual shots on the blog. The shot that I submitted to GQ is only the Collage shot though, as I thought the upclose and personal ones are a little too in your face.

Love or hate, here they are.