Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Team Uncool & Decontruction in One Small Seed Magazine.

Team Uncool and I recently worked with Deconstruction TV to produce our newest shoot. Deconstruction are a free thinking and multidimensional company working in the spheres of music, television and general creative thinking. Malcom Che' and Adrian Foreo are the masterminds behind the conceptual company and after coming to Team Uncool to produce something for them, this is what we did.

The shoot can also be seen in the December One Small Seed magazine.


Thursday, 4 December 2008

Behind the mask

While watching Blue Velvet, a movie directed by David Lynch I thought of a shot that I had taken for the new SL 'sex issue' out now. Its a photo of my girlfriend Elza Novak wearing a mask to symbolise the moment of orgasm during intercourse and the look that would be on your face. What I liked about Lynch's representation of what happens behind closed doors in the USA is that everyone had the most beautifully bizarre facades, but behind them where intricate and interesting stories.

To me when asked to portray the face while orgasmic through imagery, I decided I'd rather give it a more disclosed and dignified portrayal. The image below was what I came up with.


Monday, 1 December 2008

Fight, Fight, Fight!

Recently I went out with Christopher Wagner and Sylvia Mckeown, two regulars of the Johannesburg Asian glam pop fashion crowd. We set up a fake fashion fight in the middle of newtown. The shots where great fun to shoot and Niqui da Silva from Glamour mechanics did some beautifully gruesome special effects make up for us.

It was originally shot for my Virgin Mobile fashion blog but now resides on my blog.


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Challenges overcome by effort

Michael Park is a blind lawyer who lives in Pietermaritzburg, he develops software for the blind and has been working on open source programs to aid the blind in conjunction with other people all around the world from the constraints of his flat with little or no funding.

Microsoft recently sent me on a mission through South Africa too document some of South Africa's most inspirational achievers who have succeeded with their realising your potential program. Where they support and train people like Michael and hope them achieve there goals.

It was an eye opening experience and I found it insightfully eye opening.

Emotive reactions to a windy city

Hotel rooms interest me, they all have their own unique feel, even when staying in a different room in the same hotel it feels different. I believe that every visitor leaves a little something behind when staying in a hotel room and the next visitor can subconsciously pick up the vibe of the previous visitor. I decided while staring out the 14th floor of the South Beach holiday inn in Durban that I would try describe as best I could the way I was feeling in the particular hotel room I was in.

The Durban beach road facade hides such amazing treasures, like the old four seasons hotel. Once the premier place to stay in Durban, now almost derelict. See my shots of it on a desolate windy afternoon.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

SL magazine Fashion Editorial

In this months issue of SL magazine (The Geek Issue), Suzaan Heyns and I conceptualised and shot the fashion editorial. Which is a story about two people who get locked in an office over the weekend. Enjoy some of the featured images below.

Chris S

Cosmopolitan Magazine Editorial

I Recently shot the fashion editorial in the newsest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. We did a amazonian shoot on location in the botanical gardens in the west rand of Johannesburg. It was a real challenge getting the 10 shots in one day and Im super happy with the results. I have put a couple of my favorites up.

Have a look and let me know what you all think.


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Virgin Mobile Fashion Blog

Something I've been waiting to tell everyone on my mailing list about is a project I've been working on for Virgin Mobile. They appointed me the Virgin Mobile Fashion blogger. For the last 3 months Murray Turpin and I have been working on the project and Below are some of the shots from numerous shoot which are up on the Virgin Mobile Fashion Blog site.

To Check out the blog go to http://experience.virginmobile.co.za/FashionBlog.virgin

The Smarteez on the VPOP shoot

Danni Diana getting dirty in VPOP shoot.

Xander Ferreira AKA Gazelle in Joubert Park.

Sibo from the Smarteez in Soweto Smarteez shoot.

Pink ant from Cape Town.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Art, portraiture & some fashion


Recently I got the opportunity to shoot some great new work and up and till now I haven't been able to release any of it. One of the projects Im super proud of is the portrait project with Kudzi Chiurai, a well known Fine Artist who recently launched his latest solo show Yellow Line. I shot the front cover of his catalogue as well as two portraits which where hung at his exhibition.

A shoot that I did for my virgin mobile fashion blog was also featured in the catalogue with a bunch of young fashion designers from Soweto called the Smarteez. I have included both sets of images in this update.