Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Okmalumkoolkat x LV - Sebenza Music Video

So for the past two months I have been working super hard on Directing my first music video. I had the pleasure of hooking up with Gervase Gordon from LV in december and have been chatting to Okmalumkoolkat from Dirty Paraffin about doing a project for ages. We decided to splice things up, I wanted to produce a video which was a culmination of my South African sub-culture photographic documentaries and get them to move in a scripted music video format.

We featured some very contentious cultures which are hitting the scene in South Africa, The Isikhothane's (recently featured on ETV in a very negative light), who battle for fashion, Spinning, where people meet up with hotted up cars on weekends and perform mad tricks to entertain crowds of people in public spaces and the new Primal Stof music scene lead by Dirty Paraffin. This video was for one half of Dirty Paraffin, Okmalumkoolkat and this is his second single to go out with LV following in the footsteps of the successful 'Boomslang' in 2010.

With tons of support from Miles Goodall who was the cinematographer on the video and his many contacts, including Media Films services who supplied us with the amazing Ari Alexa to shoot the video on and The Refinery who finished and colored the project (Thanks Terry Simpson, your amazing).

Many Thanks to Malcolm Che at Voltaire for making the cut as poignant and to the track as he did. Without him this video would never have been a success! 

I got to work and work with some amazing guys from Orange Farm and Everton townships South of Johannesburg including Sello Modiga who was our fixer and unit producer and a whole bunch of amazing performers who he helped connect me with.

Directed by. Chris Saunders
Produced by. Olga Grigorova & Chris Saunders
Director of photography. Miles Goodall 
Edited by. Malcolm Che' (Voltaire)
Colorist. Terry Simpson (The Refinery)
Executive Producer. Linda Notelovitz 
Unit Producer. Sello Modiga 
Wardrobe and art direction: Jamal Nxedlana
1st Camera Assistant. Lee Goodall 
Grip. Tyler Geldenhuys
DIT. Frances VJ 
Stills Photography. Michael Magagane & Frances VJ
Camera & Grips Equipment sponsored and supplied by. Media Film Service (Johannesburg)


Ellomennopee said...

Mmmm! Nice to see such a high quality music vid coming from SA. Great work!

Anonymous said...

like the pics you took real nice do add us on our blog too as well as social networks if you dont mind

twitter: @demi_godess

thank you and hope to hear from you soon