Monday, 11 June 2012

Cape Town Tattoo Convention 2012 - Red Bulletin

Daniel from Mob Inc. Tattoo's

Earlier this year I was commissioned by Red Bulletin magazine to shoot portraits of an array of talented as well as famous Tattoo Artists and fans with well illustrated bodies. Here are the shots.

CT 2012

A group of Artists from Class Rock Tattoo's in Austria

Derma Donna, Amsterdam

Jonathan Barker, Fallen Heroes Tattoo's Johannesburg and yes that is his Tongue 

Steve and Art Godoy (USA), twin brothers famous for their illustrious music career and Tattoo technology. 

Daniel from Mob inc. Tattoo's Cape Town

Tom Yak, New Jersey USA. 

Russel Hatton

Colin Hedderick, Professional Punk. 

Erica Fiannes (USA) Artist at eyecandy tattoo and Shaun Nel (RSA) Artist at Kings Avenue in NYC a Tattoo'd and Tattoo Artist couple. 

Daniel from Mob Inc. in Cape Town with his muse Robyn.

Annue Brookstone, editor Obrigado magazine

MJ Turpin, Artist

Scary Mary, Professional Drag Queen and Tattoo obsessive 

Gabriella Katz (South Africa) Anona Miss Beauty Emporium

Pippa; Sekwa and Elio Tshabalala, A tattoo'd family (Little Elio had fake Tattoo's BTW)

Milo (South Africa) Artist at Mr Lucky Tatoos 

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A Daft Scots Lass said...

Love these shots. I love looking and asking about other people's ink.