Monday, 4 June 2012

Exhibition in Edinburgh Coming to a close

Last month I was asked to put together a collection of my work and exhibit it at The Institute in Edinburgh, this was all put together by the No Globe Collective, a group of young creative people from Edinburgh who believe that the arts should have no borders. The show was part of a mini festival with my exhibition opening the night before Spoek Mathambo performed. 

It was a resounding success and the exhibition will be open till the 10th of June. It includes a collection of my Photographs, from the Smarteez to the Panstula work shown last year in the S'Phara Phara exhibition and some of the new Rolling Stone work of Spoek Mathambo as seen in the poster above. 

If your there please check it out. 

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Johanna Tagada said...

It's though this photograph that I discover the rest of work and I'm so glad to have done so!