Friday, 15 July 2011

Ron Adler, Arizona USA

On this journey I have had the pleasure to meet some pretty amazing and bizarrely interesting people. Often I stack the shots up on my laptop and promise myself that I will post them as soon as I can. Today I got to meet Ron Adler and Theresa at 'All Bikes' just outside of Payson Arizona on the way to Phoenix. Ron has for the past 30 years collected and sold second hand motorcycle's and bikes. He has a yard with thousands of them and I was lucky enough to come across it. I spent hours chatting with him and his mechanic Theresa in their yard about bikes and life.

Thanks Ron for been so accommodating and knowledgable, people like you make this world worth exploring. 

The journey continues with 2 weeks and counting till we reach Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California. 

CT 2011

Theresa, Ron's right hand mechanic. 
People come from all over to find this place, California, Finland even other South African's supposedly. 


loafinglizards said...

Thanks Chris,
Ron and I enjoyed your visit also. You have done all bikes a great justice the picts, are great. How is "BEEBS" doing enjoyind scenery " WE BACK BEEBS"

Chris Saunders said...

Good to hear from you Theresa! The adventure has been good so far since we met. We out now in 29 Palms California and heading on our final stretch down to Los Angeles! Good times!