Thursday, 2 September 2010


I was going through my images from the past couple of months of traveling and came accross two that fitted perfectly together. One was shot in Coney Island, New York City where I went when I got stuck after the Benetton Campaign (Stuck because of the Volcano). I was walking past one of the most famous spots on the promenade when I came accross this group of photographers (rather large fellows too) shooting a girl in front of the shoot the freak sign. I don't know if I was shooting the freaks or if they where shooting the freak but regardless we where all shooting.

The second image was taken on a trip to Paris a couple of months after New York to visit a friend I had met on the Benetton Campaign and one of the winners of the Its My Time competition, Magali Berthon. Its strange because she was with me in Coney Island when I shot the other and I regard her as a muse, how else can I explain the shots. This situation was on a bridge a sweltering day (if I could remember the name of the bridge I would use it), close to the main public library. I thought the two shots worked together because in the next one she was shooting a freak and it needed no signage.

Ct 2010.

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