Monday, 30 August 2010

The Little Mermaid is away.

In Copenhagen recently I found the immense buying power of China very entertaining. Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has taken the little mermaid to china. The little mermaid is the famous sculpture by Edvard Eriksen, based on the story by famous Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen. Its on every post card and every tourist flocks to see it when coming to Copenhagen. Now it has been replaced by a screen which you can barely see in the daytime. The irony is fantastic.

I have never seen so many disappointed tourists in my life. Talk about a Euphemism for selling out to the Chinese. I love it, at-least the Danes are honest about it, they became the  Scandalous Scandinavians after this moment.

You can see the live feed of the statue in Shanghai at 

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