Monday, 13 September 2010

Canedicoda Milano.

Recently I finished a collaborative project for Canedicoda, a hand screen printing specialist I met in Treviso. I collaborated with local friend and photographer Silvia Boschiero (Treviso) who introduced me to Gio from Canedicoda.

We did the shoot and video in the mystical mountain locations close to Vittorio Venetto where Gio from Canedicoda lives.

The project is meant to give a visual representation of a personal emotional response to his creations and the place that he creates them in. When I first met Gio inside his enoviroment, it was  quiet and meditational. I wanted to portray this to the viewer.

Three of the images which will be printed on large postcards are with this post below. There will also be a large scale print element to the installation in Black and White.

A 3min long video will be projected onto the fabric from this range.

Ct 2010. 

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