Sunday, 29 August 2010

Listen & Learn

I decided to get new Tattoo a couple of weeks ago. On the left hand side I got Listen and a little black solid square above it. On the Right below an existing Tattoo I got Learn.

They signify Balance and the challenges I have at this point in my life.

Here are some pics documenting a very personal experience in my life.

Ct 2010

My Tattoo Artist. I live above a Tattoo shop here in Treviso. They where quiet surprised when one of the Fabricanti came down and wanted a tattoo. Its the first time supposedly. 
The tools.
Ekene, a friend from Fabrica attempted to take an in focus pic while I was getting the Tattoo but it didn't work out to well. I liked it anyway. I think it suits how I felt while getting it done. 

Ct 2010

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Shaun Stander said...

I guess you also had to LEARN how to shoot with your left hand, they're cool brother..