Friday, 2 October 2015

OKZHARP - Dear Ribane feat. Manthe Ribane Music Video (HYPERDUB)

Its been months in the pipeline and we can finally start talking about the new OKZHARP - Dear Ribane music video released  by Hyperdub Records. The track is the debut vocal performance for Manthe Ribane who is well known for her incredible dance performances along side Die Antwoord and VINTAGE Dance crew in the past. She has also been gaining fame in the art world in South Africa with her family collective and home studio Dear Ribane 113. It was a pleasure to be part of a great team once again, with Deon van Zyl behind the lens and later editing.

This is an ongoing artistic collaboration between myself and OKZHARP and adds another new piece of work with Manthe who is an ongoing inspiration and artistic collaborator (NOTXCS). This video takes you in to a pure performance realm, links to our full length video artwork Ghost Diamond but focusses on the artist Manthe and her incredible words, relevant dance moves and symbolic outfits. 

The video is out today on Hyperdub Records. 

Directed by Chris Saunders
Edited by Deon van Zyl 
Cinematography Deon van Zyl 
Styling and Make-up Manthe Ribane 

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