Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Over the next month leading up to the NOTXCS collaboration exhibition at the Wallplay in New York City, Another Africa will be releasing a series of interviews with the different collaborators we worked with in South Africa on our project. 

The second collaboration is with Vernac bags who are designed by Dennis Chuene in Durbanville near Cape Town. 

Here is an exert from who are media partner with the NOTXCHRISSAUNDERS exhibition:

'Coming of age is filled with periods of awkwardness, of playing with boundaries and self-expression.  Those attempts to discover how to align our clothes with our personalities, ideas and such.
I recall in high school a friend strutting about in slender very pointy black patent brogues. Those coveted Fluevogs were the precursor to the days when it was trendy to wear Dr. Martens. She happily stood out, whilst others snickered calling them elf shoes, and other choice unnameable descriptors. But Denise simply laughed and kept wearing her “soles for unique souls”.
Many a fashion designer finds inspiration in the Denise’s of this world, and the same can be said of Dennis Chuene. In his case the kids that helped form his early appreciation of fashion, were the eccentric musicians of his teens. Whilst musicians today still seem to have significant sway in South Africa, the designer finds his inspiration in the humble plastic traveling bag.'
CT 2014 #NOTXCS 

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