Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Since Obama came to town

The blog has been extremely quiet, for two reasons. One, I have been working my ass off this year and it seems the older I get the more I take on and the less time I have to post work up. But alas, with the down time over Christmas the plan is to post a ton of work that I have collected over the year. The second reason is I have been working on some new personal projects. You will hear a lot more about next year.

In this post is an image I shot recently while working on my book on Pantsula, the dance culture from South Africa. While this image has nothing to do with the subjects in the book it was a guy that I met at a tavern in Moklakeng township on Johannesburg's West Rand. 

He was obsessed with the American flag and dressed head to toe. I asked him why and his answer was, 'Since Obama came to town I am obsessed with him.'

CT 2013

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