Sunday, 25 April 2010

Red Bucket Films, NYC

After coming back from New York City this week, I am reflecting on the experiences and people that I met on my trip over. On the trip we got to work with a group eccentric and super talented film makers at Red Bucket Films.

They are the epitomisation hat I immagine New York and the film industry there to be.

See their website at

Ct 10

The view from the entrance in.

Green paper shredders, help by Alex Kalman.

Meno, from Paris.

Alex Kalman, son of the well know orginator of Colors magazine, Tibor Kalman.

The view from Alex Kalmans desk.

need I say anything.

What does this tell us about their taste...

They all seem to have an obsession with collecting interesting memorabilia from around the world and this shelf is great example, I love the Red Bull concentrate for those late nights in the office.

An overall view of the office.

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