Saturday, 9 April 2016

Vogue Online - Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday Vogue Magazine Online commissioned me to head out and capture a photo story on what style looks like on Easter Sunday in South Africa. I started to narrow down what I wanted to capture and was on the way to shoot a different project down in Durban, South Africa's east coast sub-tropical city. The city is known to have a mass migration of people from different inland regions during the mass of long weekends which surround the easter period in South Africa. I wanted to try capture two main elements of the Easter celebrations. Firstly the traditional Christian churches which down to the beach at sunrise for mass, praising out over the ocean in their uniformed robes which differentiate the wings of the religion they believe in. While doing this I came across some zulu traditional healers who where performing a ritual of some sort on the beach with a chicken, after they where done I asked to shoot portraits of some of the healers which they gladly agreed to.

My second stop after the beach was to head into 'Point', a section of Durban city which mostly has other African immigrants living within it. We visited two congolese churches in the area, one of them I had to stand up in front of a full congregation and introduce myself, the priest then sent forth a cue of women who I photographed during the proceedings while he commented on the shots in Congolese French. The experience was a small reflection of the multicultural city centre of Durban around this celebratory occasion. 

See the full photo story on Vogue Online. 

CT 2016