Monday, 24 November 2014

GQ Style - Fashion Gangs of Johannesburg

V.I.N.T.A.G.E. Dance Crew wearing Ruald Rheeder Collection

GQ Style South Africa commisionned myself and stylist Francois Ferreira to come up with a fashion concept shooting some of the different prolific style crews and artistic collaborators for their new issue. We came up with a simple portrait style concept highlighting the strong characteristics of each subject chosen. 
See the Second Quarter GQ Style South Africa for the printe version on the shoot. 
CT 2014 
Photography by Chris Saunders 
Creative Fashion Director: Arthur Malan-Murison
Styling: Francois Ferrreira
Junior Fashion Editor : Jodi-Lee Ashton
Assistants: Yasmin Williams and Nicole Pereira
Hair: Alek Daray
Make up: Morgan

Fashion Designer House of Ole.

Button Division wearing Skorsch

Fashion Rebels Amos Tranque

Depp House DJ's Imaos De Deus wearing Scalo 

Pretoria Fashion Crew Troublesome Youth wearing Ephymol

The Uniconz wearing Craig Port

SBLMNL wearing Augustine

BOYZINBUCKS wearing Peru and personalized Accesories

Murray Turpin and Mathew Dean from The Kalashnikovv Gallery wearing ROW-G

Fashion Designer Romand Handt and Stylist Francois Ferreira wearing Romand Handt Collaboration Collection

Fashion design crew Mac Gale in their own clothes.