Monday, 20 June 2011


So I've hit the road once again. Im in the midwest of the United States of America documenting a guy called Jon Beeby who is attempting to walk across the expansive country. 

I arrived in Oklahoma city after 32 Hours via Dubai and LAX and have been on the road since for 3 days in windy farmlands west of Oklahoma City. Living in a RV and hanging out with my partner in Photographic / Film crime Shaun Stander who I studied photography with in South Africa. 

So far the stereotypical setting has amazed me, with everything you ever imagined and seen on movies been real in the vast country. Hicks with drawls, cars that guzzle down gas (including our very own Ford V8 RV) and Walmarts every 40 Miles, not to mention the weirdest and friendliest folk I have ever laid eyes upon. Its been tough getting over the jet lag and learning how to live like a gypsy, I always liked to joke in the past about how I feel like a photographic gypsy at the moment, with no real roots anywhere, I guess this is a dream come true.

I will be putting up constant installments as our journey progresses slowly but surely. 

To read more about Jon's epic journey and the charity he is doing it for TAG please visit his site at now! 

CT 2011

Our home on the road, the gas guzzling Ford V8 RV. Its super cramped with four on board. Myself, Shaun, Jon and Helen.

On my first night while waiting for Shaun, we watched the sunrise in one of the many budget strip malls outside Oklahoma City. 

Most of our journey lines up with the historic ruote 66, made famous by Jack Kerouac and Easy Rider. We have now deviated slightly though and are heading down some very desolate parts of the countryside. I love the signs on the side of the road everywhere you go. 

Not gonna happen.  In Jon's words, there is nothing you could pay me to live here!

Everything is about big food here. The more the better and BBQ is a local specialty! 

We hit a town called Corn in Oklahoma city today, nothing but nothingness, wind and churches.  Oh did I mention wind. 

When doing a trip like this we come across a ton of roadkill. 

My good friend and partner on this trip Shaun Stander who I studied photography with back in the day! 

It never ends, one straight line of endless road. 

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