Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Kenya Pt 1. Obama Fever

For the past two weeks I have been based out of Nairobi Kenya. I was up shooting a project for COLE ACP who are part of the European Commission. They help farmers to lift the quality of their food and teach them better farming techniques, lifting them to a standard which can be exported. They assist through the whole agriculture industry and have made a fast difference.

While their I spent a ton of time on different farms, from smallholders to Organic. While on a farm called Sunripe I came across one of the pesticide sprayers wearing a pink Obama shirt. Ominous and fashionable. In Kenya they have total Obama fever, so this was one of the few items I got to capture while on the trip. Some went by so fast, I saw a bus with Michelle Obama we love you written on the back and I bought some Kenyan fabric with his portrait printed onto it too. Amazing, he has inspired so many people in Kenya and even if he isn't getting the support in his own country he will always have Kenya.


Zelé Angelides said...

Great shot & story! All the best Chris!

Chris Saunders said...

Thanks Zele, will be posting more soon.