Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Lost in Amsterdam

About a month ago, myself and my flat mate at Fabrica headed to Amsterdam. I was there to see my friend Murray Turpin & Catarina Dahms, as well DOP a music video with Murray (who directed and wrote the script), for Catarina's band Skip and Die. Didn't shoot too many pics while there but here are two memories I'd like to remember. 

CT 2010

Good Friends Murray & Catarina at breakfast in Weste Park, Amsterdam. 

This was the most over the top 80th Birthday party I have ever seen. The camera man carried the couch on his back up the road before plonking the people into it. It was almost near 0 degrees which seemed insane to be doing a shot like this. The Dutch are special. 
The view from a thai restaurant in the heart of the city.

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