Monday, 8 November 2010


Earlier this year, I worked on collaboration between Colors Magazine ( and Good ( The intercontinental collaboration between colors which is based in Italy and Good which is based in the USA all about my home continent Africa. We where given a open brief and almost no budget so we decided to use what we had and make friends with the people we needed work from.

Ending up with something I am very proud of, it was also co-conceptualized by myself, Carlos Mustienes (Writer, Spain) and Josh Levi (USA, Designer). It was also my first Photo editing job.

I have included the Issuu link here where you can have a look at the magazine. There are some of my own images featured in the magazine. As well as this I also hit the streets of downtown Johannesburg (Bree Street) where I tried to find as many products from around Africa as possible. Some of these products where photographed in Italy for the magazine.

If you would like to see the mag you can see a digital copy below, if you would like to download the magazine supplement then it is available on the Colors Magazine website and directly at this link:

I would love to hear some feedback on the mag.

CT 2010

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Prad Savania said...

Wow, cool blog and some very unique photographs...

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