Thursday, 3 June 2010

Dazed & Confused Magazine: South Africa

About a month and half ago I flew from my comfortable situation here in Treviso italy back to the madness of my home city, Johannesburg to shoot a story on my good friends the inspirational Smarteez.

This time we went in featuring them more as designers and street savy revolutionaries as apposed to the normal view point that they are just South African hispters.

It was a pleasure to work with Rod Stanley at Dazed and to be part of this amazing feature. A couple of my other shots where featured through out the South African section of the magazine too.

Check out the next issue for a narrative through images which I have just completed with well known photographer Stefan Ruiz.

Please check out Dazed Digital for the web to see the story. To see the whole feature on South Africa plus the other shots of mine that where in the issue please, buy the magazine in a store now!

Till next time,
CTS 2010


coelho said...

amazing stuff - love your shoot & such a cool mag to be featured in - well done!

Unknown said...

Its really great!

I love the pictures and the way it's another side of South Africa from what we normaly see...

Very inspirational too as a designer, the way they mix SA fabrics with western influence..

Thanks it's a great post!
Belgian fashion ect...

Rule of Fashion said...

love your blog

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mathew said...

yeew good job mate!