Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Windswept Creatures

I have recently returned to Treviso, Italy to start my year long residency at Fabrica in Italy. On the first nights here I was thinking of the great holiday I had recently experienced in the freestate 'town' of Verkykerskop.

From cows to dogs, it was a fantastic time away from the chaos that is life.

I decided between the staring cows and the jumping dogs they would suffice and make great additions to my photographic blog.

Ct 2009


bianca miles-jordaan said...

rad, atari and tippex in mid flight!

meekel said...

Great Chris,
I remember how we used to be amazed by the jumping dogs of Melville.
So, are you staying for a year in Italia. That's so great for you.
Keep me posted.
Ciao Jurgen

Chris Saunders said...

Yeah. Will be in Italy for a year. But I will be coming back to SA soon to do a shoot.