Thursday, 1 May 2008

The MTCS Project Exhibition. Exposure Gallery (Cape Town)

The MTCS Project is a collaboration between M18J92T (Fine Artist) & Chris Saunders (Photographer). The Prototype was created from +/- 50 photographs of construction equipment which we then deep-etched and comped to create the bot.

The Prototype travels from Johannesburg to Cape Town as street art and we have pasted the 3m long and 2.5 m high paste up in locations around Johannesburg including Louis Botha Ave. & 44 Stanley. The Prototype can also be seen in Kimberley, Graaf Renet & Cape Town. But the locations to those will only be shown on the evening of the 9th of may, unless you have spotted them already.

At the exhibition we have also created super imposed images of the Prototypes journey from one side of South Africa to the other. There will also be an installation in the gallery with the entire wall of the space wallpapered from floor to ceiling with the robot in Johannesburg landscape image.

Be at the Exposure Gallery 9th May 6:00 PM for the opening.

Check out the MTCS Blog for updates we will be putting updates on it as we travel through South Africa in the next couple of days leading up to our exhibition.

Chris 2008

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