Monday, 13 August 2007

Europe Europe Europe

I have just returned from a 3 1/2 week trip to Europe where I got to travel through Greece, Turkey, Paris & London. I documented the whole experience and thought that the best way to tell the story would be through the images below.

The Journey began in Rhodes Island Greece where I hopped on a a traditional turkish Yacht with friends new and old from around the world and we began a week long trip along the Turkish coastline.

(The Backpackers in Rhodes, Greece)

(An interesting building in a very old place like Rhodes Greece)

(Africa in Rhodes island, Greece)


(Little Lu)

(Christophe Durand cutting hair on board)

(The Captain)

(The kind of beauty taken for granted on a trip like this)

(French Yacht Aerobics)

Paris was the second leg of my journey. I spent alot of time walking through this amazing city. Paris has mass amounts of street art and a very specific persona. I have never found so much to take photo's of in such a short time.

(The Metro at night)

(Urban Gaming is huge in Paris)

(Reminded me of bank teller crime in South Africa)

(Belville Chinese flyer madness)

(The dark heart of Paris)

(Can you see the fly, 10 points if you can)

(A interesting looking character in Belville blowing his nose)

(A skater outside the Palais de Tokyo)

(A Portrait of a Rabbit in Paris)

(A cool stencil of a hoodlum next to a notice which talks all about a lawyer who screwed someone around)

(Below Montmartre you can find the prancing horse, you've got to look hard to spot it though)

I then travelled to England where I stayed in London for a week and I got to hang out with my fellow photographer and friend Jeff Barbee in Brighton, he has just finished an amazing adventure where he sailed from Cape Town to Dakar. I took some shots at a closed fun fair at night and around London.

(Brighton at night)

(At night in the fair in Brighton)

(A business man on his cellphone on the beach in Brighton)

(A really cool building close to where I was staying in Ladbroke grove in London)

Chris Saunders 2007 (CTS)

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