Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The Never-Ending exhibition 26th April 7PM

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In our fast paced city lives, we often speed past the monuments of our colourful history. These places, once vibrant with life and culture now lie derelict and unseen. The never-ending is an exhibition of portraiture in landscape. Chris Saunders has shot 10 portraits of 11 artists, each set in one of these hidden places. A collabortaion of photographer and artist was formed - different styles and mediums merge to create the final images. This is the beginning of the never-ending.

The Never-ending is a never been done before, collaboration of photographer and artist. The Artists are Chinxxx, MtKidu, Johannes Dreyer, Clinton Jordaan, Anthea Moys, Rozanne Whyte, Shaun Stander, Johan de Lange, Ross Drakes & the family of Heloise Strike.

Drinks will be provided on evening (until they run out) by Jameson whiskey and a cash bar will also be run. Confectionist Bastian Eversman (Park Hyatt) is creating glorious sweets and snacks & making a magnificent cake for all to nibble at. The debut performance of Model C (Robynn & Nick Nedbit) will entertain us and Andrew the DJ will take over from them keeping us bopping till the end (22H30), putting everyone in a glorious and festive mood for the long weekend.

Seating has been provided by Mydesign for us to lounge and relax on and food for the pre-exhibition dinner has been provided by Mama Tembo's Snack Shack (Greenside).

Thank you to Apple IMC for providing us with equipment which will entertain the viewers.

The Never-Ending Begins on the 26th April at 7PM at the Moja Modern Gallery 16 7th Ave, Parktown North.

For more info please email Chris Saunders on or phone 011 447 9000.

Please make friend with The Never-Ending on myspace go to

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